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WebPMS, channel manager, booking module, website – all in one place
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Quick Connect
Our specialists will help you configure and launch the platform, as well as train you in all things necessary for effective marketing
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions or give suggestions for increasing your profits by means of our platform
Easy to Use
We make the complicated simple. You can use our platform even with no hands-on experience working with online systems
Time Saver
We have combined the best tools in our platform – that way you do not have to switch between different platforms and waste time
Transparent Rate Plan
All rate plans include full service package and will help you get maximum results at an affordable price
All our services, as well as fund transfers via our modules are secured with modern technology: SSL, 3D secure, etc
Manage your hotel's key count and finances, browse statistics, submit bills, check your guests in and out – all in one place. You can work on your computer, as well as your tablet or mobile phone, from any part of the world.
PMS for small hotels
Convenient overview for creating, editing and canceling bookings in the context of key count.
Check your guests in and out, view history of changes.
The feature for keeping a record of financial relations with a hotel's guest has been implemented.
Submit bills right on the booking page for payment with credit cards, cash or non-cash settlement.
Keep records of payments and charges.
All your sales reports in one place, together with analytics. See which channel is the most effective, look up the load of a given period.
Update information about room availability, change prices on all platforms at once just in a couple of clicks. We work with such platforms as,, ostrovok, 101hotels, etc. Forget about separate viewing of quotas and prices, all available rooms are immediately displayed on every sales channel you cooperate with.
Channel Manager
Our online booking module is user-friendly in installation and configuration, and flawless in operation. The module is equally pleasing to the eye on big screens, as well as mobile phones, supports online payments by default. Our specialists will help you configure the module and install it on your website, all you have to do is accept bookings.
Online Booking Module
Commission – 0%
Built-in payments with credit cards · 24/7 support.
Optimized for any device.
Automatic notifications about bookings · Sells additional services.
Easily integrated and starts working right after registration and data input.
Supports an unlimited number of rate schedules.
Multicurrency support.
Reputation and reviews are among crucial characteristics of a hotel. We have created a module that allows you to obtain reviews of your hotel from all available platforms at once. That way you can promptly react to all the reviews using one space and save your time and energy.
Reputation Management
In case you do not have a website or it lacks in functionality, create it just in a couple of clicks using our platform. Your website will be instantly connected to all our modules and services, and well-displayed on all devices.
Website for Your Hotel
We have combined the most useful tools for hotel business in one platform, so that you spend less time on routine actions and earn more
We provide free 14-day trial, after which you can choose one of our rate plans
Small hotel
Up to 15 rooms
if paid per year.
28€ month

  • Booking module
  • Channel manager
  • Cloud PMS
  • Online payment module
  • Reputation module
  • Website template
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15-30 rooms
if paid per year.

  • Booking module
  • Channel manager
  • Cloud PMS
  • Online payment module
  • Reputation module
  • Website template
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Over 30 rooms
Individual conditions
  • Booking module
  • Channel manager
  • Cloud PMS
  • Online payment module
  • Reputation module
  • Website template
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